How to camp in the wild

In the modern world we are living in, more and more people are moving to the urban areas to earn their livelihood. For those who have been working in the cities for long, there come an instance one feels they need to have a break and move away from the hooting cars, rush hour traffic jams and so much that come along with city life. Camping in the wild is that perfect moment that will bring along the needed break.

Before leaving the city, here are some great tips on how to get away from the norm and have a great time out there.

  1. Identify the Campsite

camp site

Before you begin your camping, you have to identify a National Park, National Reserve or an Animal Conservancy. Camping comes along with several limitations like lack of piped water, electric cooker or even electricity. Without proper planning, you might end up having a terrible time.

  1. Have the right company.


One should have the right people before they begin camping. Since camping has to be away from the comfort of one’s home, it is evident that things like bath tap will come in handy. You should go camping with hardy people who are ready to forego some comforts.

 Also, don’t go camping without someone that is experienced in at least something. Does anyone know how to tie a knot or build a fire?

  1. Bring along the basics

camp yools

One has to plan themselves properly prior to camping. Ensure you have enough water, food, power bank camera, memory cards and anything else that is deemed essential while camping.

You should have the right clothes to keep you warm in the evenings if it turns out to be cold. Since you are camping in the wild, remember to plan for your security with the relevant authorities.

  1. Have fun

campfire choma

When you go out camping, ensure you enjoy with your friends. This is an appropriate opportunity where you can make campfire and probably make some nyama choma (roasted meat). Fun goes hand in hand with the weather. Camping is fun when the weather is not rainy.


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