African Heavy Browsers

Browsers are species of herbivores that feed on leaves, soft shoots, or fruits of high-growing, generally woody, plants such as shrubs. I am going to go into details of two heavy browsers; Elephants African Elephants are the largest living mammals on Earth. Their wild population is scattered across the Sub Saharan Africa’s habitats including savannahs, forests, […]

African Grazers

These are herbivores that feed on grass. Grazers have broad and strong lips. Here are four heavily built grazers that are found across Africa. Buffalo The African buffalo is one of the most successful grazers in Africa. It lives in swamps and floodplains, as well as mopane grasslands and forests of the major mountains of Africa. There are several sub […]

Migrant Wildebeests in East Africa

The wildebeest migration was named the ‘eighth Wonder of the World’. This is the largest assembly of animals in the planet Earth. The principle players are the wildebeest, whose numbers appear to have settled at just under 1.7 million, with supporting roles from some 400,000 Thomson’s gazelle, 300,000 zebra and 13,000 elands. The migration is […]

Migratory Birds and Migration

Birds’ migration is the regular seasonal movement of birds along an identified flyway, between breeding and wintering grounds. Birds’ migration has been recorded as much as over 3,000 years ago. Here are some migratory birds around the world. Bar-tailed godwit The bar-tailed godwit breeds on Arctic coasts and tundra mainly in Africa, Asia and Europe. They also breed in Australia […]

Animals that live in packs

Just like humans, some animals live in a society with laws to be observed, a leader to be respected, kids to be fed and a territory to be defended by all means. Some of the animals live solitary life except during the breeding season or bringing up their young ones. The animals that live in […]

Animals at the brink of extinction

The senseless human greed has resulted to the extinction of so many animals, birds, amphibians and insects among others in the world. They are encroaching into the animal habitats bringing up industries and cities without a second thought of how the helpless animals will survive after they accomplish their vested interests. Besides that, some are […]

River Nile

It is regarded as the longest river in the world. However other conflicting studies released in 2007 indicate The Amazon River in South America to be the longest. The Nile covers eleven countries in Africa namely;  namely, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. Egypt and Sudan rely so much on the Nile as the primary […]

Camping In Eastern Africa

Think camping in Africa, Eastern Africa should ring first in your mind. This one of Africa’s region that is rich in people’s cultures, wildlife, vegetation, and other natural physical features. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest peak in Africa. Lake Victoria co shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is Africa’s largest lake and Africa’s […]